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10 Hacks Your Favourite Celebs Use To Look Stunning In Photographs

Have you ever looked at Megan Fox’s photos and wondered how great she looks in all of them? If only God had given you the same amount of beauty as he did Megan, you sigh.

Here’s a secret though. Those glamorous photos you see in the star-studded magazines are not just the magic of photographers. It takes efforts from celebrities to add that oomph factor in the photos to always make them look hot and glamorous. When paparazzi are after you 24*7, it kind of becomes the KRA of their job.

These celebrities have a trick or two hidden up the sleeves that make them look always camera-ready, that you could learn and imitate you look good in your photos. 

And, no, it’s not Photoshop. Here they are.

1. Taylor Swift bites her cheeks

If you have noticed, Taylor Swift always shows her teeth in her photos. What’s not visible is she slightly biting her cheeks to accentuate her cheekbones. Man, does it do the trick? Be gentle with yourself while biting your cheeks or you will hurt yourself. 

2. Nicole Kidman keeps her neck strained

Image Source: tmhome.com

Put your shoulders down and lift your neck up if you want to look elegant and proud like Nicole Kidman. This posture not only outlines your chin but also hide any skin imperfections.

3.  Blake Lively raises her tongue



Image Source: thecut.comScared of having a double chin in the photos? Well, so is Blake Lively. This is why she came up with a trick which is to raise her tongue to the roof of her mouth. It makes the neck muscles contract involuntarily defining your chin line.

4. Megan Fox shows her tongue

megan fox
Image Source: aeromental.net

Megan Fox does it opposite. She likes to slightly open her mouth and stick out a bit of her tongue to look sexier. Some may agree that it looks weird but it works perfectly for the hot diva.

5. Jennifer Lawrence raises her brows

Image SOurce: popsugar.com

Any photo you see of Jenny, you will find her eyebrows raised and eyes out of focus. It is the Hunger Games actress’s signature expression. You know how hard we all fall for her pensive, mysterious gaze 

6. Eyes wide open like Julia Roberts

Image Source: disney.fandom.com

Two things you will notice in every photo of Julia Roberts are her teeth and her eyes wide open. It makes her look naive and the little wrinkles around her eyes disappear. Her trick is not for everyone as some of us may simply look goody opening our eye so wide.

7. Mila Kunis keeps eyelids relaxed

Image Source: popsugar.com

Mila Kunis have heterochromia i.e. both her eyes have different colors. To make her eyes look more sensual, she lowers and relaxes her eyelids. This is a perfect expression for girls with naturally big eyes.

8. Monica Bellucci raises her head

The reason why Monica Bellucci has been able to rule hearts for years is her I would die for her expression. The way she raises her head and pulls her neck is so flattering. There is a fine line between looking arrogant and confident. Bellucci knows it well.

9.Charlize Theron exhales through the mouth


The 24th Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Arrivals

Image Source: hellomagazine.comLook living and breathing like Charlize in photos with her simple trick. Breath through the mouth. It will make your lips look voluminous again like it does hers. It is so much better and sexier than the duck effect.

10. Meghan Markle bends her head

Image Source: insideedition.com

What makes Meghan appear friendly and like a princess is she bending her head. With her kind smile, wide-open eyes, and head bend, she manages to become the queen of hearts in no time.



Featured Image Courtesy: Popsugar.com



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