10 Epic Job Fails That Are Truly Noteworthy

There are two kinds of people that mess up a given job, 1) who are careless and 2) who make mistakes when they get burned out. Whoever leads a team or a group should know how to scale things up professionally rather than pushing the team to go off-track.

Deadlines sometimes create circumstances that lead to embarrassing yet funny outcomes. In this blog we are sharing 10 funny pictures from the internet that might make you find people stupid but we also expect you to understand what one might be going through when they messed up. 

Keep scrolling, keep thinking and of course keep enjoying !

1. “My husband ordered from his favorite pizza place after a long day of work and got this.”

Photo: Tangerino28 / Reddit

2. Just making Math a little tougher

Photo: Tesser623 / Reddit

3. “I think my mailman loves me.”

Photo: MikaB4 / Reddit

4. “The outlet was installed after the cabinet, according to the cabinet installer.”

Photo: sentorien / Reddit

5. People should know that the government works hard to keep road signs updated

Photo: longcx724 / Reddit

6. They just needed to install the electricity cable

Photo: grimet0ke / Reddit

7. “My friends tried to give me a Ronaldo hairstyle. What do you guys think?”

Photo: jopstick2904 / Reddit

8. That would do the job! Who cares about these signs anyway?

Photo: SDM2456 / Reddit

9. “A friend of mine bought an apartment and hired some ‘brilliant’ workers. The manager complained that hot water ran from the cold water tap in the neighboring apartment. My friend came over and saw this engineering masterpiece.”

Photo: DarthBOX / Pikabu

10. “I ordered extra jalapeños on the side.”

Photo: Gaskinesque / Reddit