10 Coincidences Making Us Believe In Fate

Just imagine yourself going to a supermarket and bumping into somebody who looks exactly like you? And how about seeing storms clear right before your wedding ceremony? Call them pleasant or weird, these coincidences make you wonder that: “Woah…is it happening for real?” The chances of such things happening are just too rare.

In this blog, we present to you 10 pictures telling stories of such coincidences:

1. “Told my girlfriend (on the right) to wear shorts and a T-shirt to the Mets/Marlins game — then we ran into this guy.”

Courtesy: Kenndooo / Reddit

2. “My cat and I have the same mole.”

Courtesy: doyouwatmoore / Reddit

3. “This woman’s dress matches the metro design.”

Courtesy: dw_h / Reddit

4. “My girlfriend and I got each other the same gift for Christmas.”

Courtesy: martinvarleite / Reddit

5. “3 girls in the same row, wearing the same color sweater, with the same color hair.”

Courtesy: fall97 / Reddit

6. “45 minutes before go-time, then during — Mother Nature had perfect timing.”

Courtesy: Shark-F***s / Reddit

7. “I found myself in a Berlin museum!”

Courtesy: cuddness / Reddit

8. “Bought a bathroom scale and my weight is the same as on the box.”

Courtesy: RobYoun / Reddit

9. “Childhood photos of me in the United States and my wife in Korea, and we’re wearing the same tank top.”

Courtesy: skimmilkskim / Reddit

10. “My son in the same place as my father, 69 years apart”

Courtesy: DarrenEdwards / Reddit