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10 Cleaning Hacks to Maintain Home easier! 

We get it. Cleaning is painful and time taking. Not to forget the body ache that comes with deep cleaning the home. Plus, its also not easy to clean everything with ease. Some things require a little more attention than the rest of the house. (Oh, those attention-seeking items!) We try, try, and try, only to find it as dirty as before. 

But these 10 cleaning hacks will make your life with maintaining your home or space much easier. 

1. Hard to clean places- Some such places that come to our minds are the buttons on a gas stove, fan regulators, etc. They’re really difficult to clean and kill the look of the kitchen/room. Well, not anymore. Grab a knife, cover the blunt side with a tissue, and clean like a brush! You’ll get it all out. 

2. Kill the bathroom odor- The trash can and the drain areas of the bathroom usually smell. But we don’t like the odor. Yes, naphthalene balls are effective. But here’s something you can also do. Dip cotton balls in essential oils with fabulous fragrances, and leave them below the garbage bag in your trash can. Problem solved!

3. The Frying Pan Dilemma- It’s always a dilemma to get the grease off the frying pan. Some months down the lane, all you have is a black frying pan. Here’s what you can do- get a dishwasher tablet, toss it in the pan, and pour boiling water. Leave it untouched for thirty minutes, and consider the job done. 

4. The Glass Stains- It’s annoying when you pull out a glass to drink something and find cloudy stains on it. A quick way to get it off is to either submerge them in vinegar or hot water solution. Or dip a cloth in this solution and wipe the glasses with it. Rinse the glasses before use. 

5. Stainy kitchen sink- One would hate to wash fresh produce in a dirty sink. Make it shine by pouring some baby oil and wiping it off with a microfiber cloth. It’s going to look as good as new! 

6. Stained carpet- A stained carpet is a stress for everyone because it asks for a lot to clean it. But if you want to clean it without going through the entire process, all you have to do is spill clear alcohol/vodka/white wine on the stain and blot it. Wipe with a cloth, and voila, your carpet is clean. 

7. Blender splendor- So what if you forgot to pour water in your blender after you used it? Cleaning is difficult, especially when you have that blade staring right back at you. Make your life easier with this cleaning hack. Drop some dishwashing liquid in the blender and pour in some water. Blend for a few seconds. What you’ll have is a clean blender once you rinse the soap water off. 

8. Sneaker Smell- Tackle the smell in your sneakers with a pinch of baking soda, and let the freshness not trouble you or anyone around you. 

9. Brush the tiles- Some difficult stains on the floor give us a hard time and aching arm. Not anymore, though. To make things easier to scrub, use a toothbrush. It doesn’t look like an effective tool, but try it before dismissing it. 

10. Smelly Garbage Bin- The garbage bin is sometimes embarrassing, especially when people come over. Add some fresh slices of lemon in the garbage and even around the garbage bag. You’re temporarily sorted until you can throw it out the next day!