9 Brilliant DIY Nail Art Designs Even Lazy Girls Can Make

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If you have ever tried nail art at home, then you would know what a big struggle it is. Making those intricate designs and having the coat perfect is not everyone’s cup of tea. Nail art requires so much patience and finesse which some of us don’t have.

But with these cool and easy to do ideas, you can paint your nails like a pro without needing any special skills. After all, who has got the time or money to go nail salon every week?

Things Required To Make Nail Art At Home

Before you begin painting your nails like Picasso, you would need a few things in your nail art kit to get going:

  • Nail paints of your choice
  • Transparent Nail paint
  • Craft Glue
  • Stamper
  • Nail Stamps
  • Stamping Nail Polish
  • Brush
  • Glitter

If you are nail art freak, you might also want to check these hilarious nail polish memes later that will get you cracking.

Easy Nail Art Designs At Home

If you have been loking for ideas, here are some quick and simple nail art inspiration to begin with:

1. Nail Art With Sponge

This nail art is as easy as 123. You can easily make this nail art at home using three of your nail paints and a sponge.

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2. Easy Brushstroke Nail Art

Design nails at home effortlessly using a brushstroke. Don’t worry of you smudge a little because this quick and simple design works that way.

3. Stacking Dot Nails

It is one of those nail art designs at home that even a 13-year old teenager can nail. All you have to do is make some dots. It is as easy as that, yet beautiful and chic. Got some glitters? Great, add them too.

4. Glitter nails

Who doesn’t like their nails to glitter? This nail art is so dope your friends will go gaga over it. Make this nail art at home using Polish to gel product and some magical fairy dust.

5. Spring Roses

Design your nails at home and be summer ready with this spring rose manicure.

6. Black Aztec nails

This is another simple nail art design at home that you can easily pull of using a stamper.

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7. Rainbow Nail Art

If you want to make nail art at home, this is an easy design to begin with. It has got a dash of colors and looks good even on short nails.

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8. Snowflake Nails

Inspired from Frozen theme, you can easily make these nail art designs at home using some glitter and stamper.

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9. Easter Bunny Nails

Make this nail art at home for your next Easter and it is so damn easy to pull off.

What are you waiting for? Get your nail varnishes and start painting your nails as you like them.

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