7 Signs You Already Had Coronavirus And Got Better Without Knowing It

While the Coronavirus has been killing a lot of people, it has also infected a lot of people without any symptoms. Scientists have estimated that from the 8 billion human population, about 5 billion people will be getting Coronavirus by the end of 2020.

So while you might not have gotten tested, but the chances are that you might have already had Coronavirus and got better without even knowing it.

These are the signs which mean that you have already had Coronavirus without even knowing it:

#1. You were sick in January or February

Sick woman
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Most people were not aware of the COVID-19 in those times, and most people even thought that this disease will not reach them. If you were one of these people, and yet you had some mild cough or fever or chills or muscle pain or sore throat in the first two months of 2020 – there are extremely high chances that you had Coronavirus. You should get an antibody test for that.

#2. You lost your sense of smell or taste for at least one day

losing sense of smell
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Almost 65% of people infected by COVID-19 report that they lost their sense of smell or taste. Try to remember, was there a day when you noticed that everything you ate kinda tasted bland and tasteless? No matter what you ate, you didn’t enjoy it and you might have thought it was just an off day.

But this could be an almost certain sign that you had COVID-19. Allergies can also cause it but Coronavirus is the only virus that can cause the loss of taste and smell, other respiratory viruses can’t do that.

#3. Someone you know was infected

If someone from your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances or anyone from your social circle had tested positive for Coronavirus – then there is a very high chance that almost everyone in that social circle had the infection but most people didn’t show any symptoms.

Community transmission is very fast and effective, and you could have gotten the virus even if you didn’t personally know anyone who was tested positive.

#4. You or someone in your family had a weird rash

Rashes are another sign of COVID-19, and if you found some strange rashes popping up on your skin for no reason, and it vanished soon afterwards – it could be a sign that you had the virus.

Other kinds of inflammation could also be a sign of a possible COVID-19 infection that you might have had.

#5. There was something wrong with your toes

COVID toes are probably the strangest symptom of COVID-19. In this, you would find itchy rashes or spots or wounds on your toes and fingers and they would be either red or purple in colour. If you had any sudden itching in your toes at any point of time in 2020, it could be a sign of COVID-19 infection.

#6. You had stomach problems without any obvious cause

running to toilet
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So you didn’t eat anything heavy or spicy, and you had no food poisoning – but still, you found your stomach was acting up for a couple of days. Doctors say that diarrhoea is a common symptom of COVID-19, and if you had any stomach problems then it could be a possible encounter with the virus.

#7. You had pink eye

Pink eye
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This is a rare one, but conjunctivitis could be a sign of coronavirus. According to American Academy of Opthalmology, this is a possible sign but there is no reason to panic even if you develop pink eye.


The only way to be sure is to get an antibody test. The higher number of antibodies in your blood could indicate an infection in the past.


Featured Image Courtesy: CDC