Woman got a hilarious response to her ‘sex noise’ complaint

It’s not the first time when somebody complained about ‘sex noise’ but not always you get a laugh worthy response to it. A woman complained about the same and received an apology coated with ‘cheekiness’. 

Since March 2020, our neighborly  relationships have gained some serious importance. Mostly we either point out or get pointed at for being ‘too loud’ and without wasting a minute we complain about it, right? However, when ‘sex noise’ comes in the scenario, both the parties choose their words a little carefully.

One such woman, Victoria Huneidi complained and got quite a cheerful and funny response. 

The woman shared their exchange of handwritten message exchanges on TikTok and the video went viral. 

Victoria explained it to her neighbors that she’d been hearing the noises from their bedroom for the last four days and how she can’t sleep with it. 

Photo Credits: @victoriahuneidi29 /TikTok

Her handwritten note said: “Hey, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would separate Yian’s bed from the wall. It’s becoming an everyday thing and it’s very hard for me to sleep with that noise, thx, your neighbor xx.”

She even clarified that: “Noise = moaning, hitting and banging bed to the wall.”

Fortunately her neighbors also had quite a good sense of humor and happily took the criticism. In response, they sent back a card with a $50 dollar gift card for Starbucks – presumably aiming to help the neighbor after a rough night’s sleep.

Photo Credits: @victoriahuneidi29 /TikTok

They wrote back: “I apologize for the inconvenience, I will do a better job of managing my volume.

“Thank you for your discretion.”

They cheekily addressed: “To: Sleepy Neighbor

“From: Loud Neighbor.”

The video garnered 0ver 220K views and over 35K likes.