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Woman called date ‘cheap’ on Twitter and he replied

Today when women are no lesser than men in whatever department you look at, we still have differences in our opinions. 

A woman took her date details to Twitter and criticized the man for not spending on an expensive drink to sip with their meal. Having done that she wasn’t expecting to get trolled for it. 

However, the woman has been harshly criticized online after she slammed her date for being “cheap”.

Photo: Anonymous/ Reddit

As the anonymous woman was on a date with a man who opted for ice water over ordering an expensive cocktail. But his apparent budget-friendly choice didn’t work in his favor as the woman mocked his efforts by sharing a picture of the meal which included a burger, chips and glasses of water. 

 “You know he’s broke when he buys you water,” she tweeted.

Photo: Anonymous/ Reddit

However, she would have never expected the man to see her tweet and then respond to it. 

Seeing her tweet, the man replied “You know you’re broke when you depend on someone else to pay for your meal.”

The conversation was later shared on Reddit where the woman was bashed for being ungrateful.

One of the responses to the conversation said, “On a first date it’s always just coffee at Starbucks. I want her only incentive to be meeting me, not a free dinner.”

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