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Why Achievers Never Use Their Smartphones in Meetings

The reason why successful people avoid using their smartphones in meetings,

In today’s world, smartphones have become integral to our lives. We use them for communication, entertainment, and even work. However, successful people know when to put their phones aside, especially during meetings. Here are some reasons why successful people never bring smartphones into discussions:

Warning: Avoid smartphone shame at work. Keep them out of sight

1.It’s a sign of respect

When someone schedules a meeting, they have something important to discuss or share. By bringing a smartphone to a meeting, you’re sending a message that you must be fully committed to the discussion or have more important things to do. This can be disrespectful to the person who organized the meeting and the other participants.

2.It eliminates distractions

Smartphones are designed to be addictive. Notifications, emails, and messages constantly pop up, stealing our attention and distracting us from the task. In a meeting, distractions can be even more harmful, as they can slow down the progress of the discussion or cause essential points to be missed. Successful people understand the importance of staying focused during meetings, and leaving their smartphones outside the room helps eliminate distractions.

3.It encourages active listening.

Active listening is a critical skill in any professional setting. It involves paying attention to what others say, asking questions, and providing feedback. When we bring smartphones to meetings, we tend to check them frequently, disrupting the flow of the conversation and preventing us from fully engaging in the discussion. By leaving smartphones outside the meeting room, successful people can focus on active listening, which leads to better collaboration and more productive meetings.

4.It sets a good example.

As a successful person, you’re responsible not only for your actions but also for the actions of your team. Bringing a smartphone to a meeting can set a bad example for others, making them feel like they can also bring their phones and get away with it. This can lead to a culture of distraction and decreased productivity. By leaving smartphones outside the meeting room, successful people set a good example for their team and create a culture of respect and focus.

5.It shows commitment

Finally, leaving smartphones outside the meeting room shows a commitment to the meeting and the people involved. It demonstrates that you value the time and effort that went into organizing the conference and that you’re fully present and engaged. This can have a positive impact on the outcome of the meeting, as well as on your professional relationships.

Why successful people never use mobile phones during the meetings? - Mujan Finance

In conclusion, successful people never bring smartphones into meetings because it’s a sign of respect, eliminates distractions, encourages active listening, sets a good example, and shows commitment. While smartphones have many benefits, they can also be a source of distraction and hinder productivity. By leaving them outside the meeting room, successful people can focus on what’s important and achieve better results.