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Top 5 Easiest Countries to Obtain Citizenship

In most nations, citizenship is automatically conferred upon birth without additional fees or formalities. Immigrants tend to experience this more frequently. Many would-be immigrants want to obtain citizenship in their new country of residence.

Each nation has its laws governing citizenship and immigration. As a result, while there are many nations in which it is simple to immigrate, there are also many in which it is difficult to do so, with stricter requirements and more complex procedures. The exact process is followed to become a citizen. More straightforward methods and fewer expenses or conditions for obtaining things are typical in more accessible countries.


1. Canada

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Canada, the largest nation in North America and the second largest in the world, is also one of the friendliest, with simple residency requirements that lead to simple citizenship acquisition. Candidates must have paid all required taxes, passed the required history and language (English or French) exams, and spent a minimal processing fee of $630 CAN. They must also have lived legally in Canada for three of the previous five years (for adults).


2. The Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic has simple citizenship requirements, but a significant financial component exists. To establish permanent residency, one must prove they have a monthly income of at least USD 2,000 ($1,500 for retirees). An individual can apply for full citizenship after two years as a permanent resident in the DR, which is reduced to six months if they are married to a Dominican woman and waived off entirely if they are married to a Dominican man. The three-year citizenship process requires a medical examination and a Spanish-language interview. However, one of the significant disadvantages is a naturalization fee of about $200,000.


3. Germany

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Germany has the second-highest immigration rate in the world and has a well-established naturalization procedure. It is possible to become a citizen of Germany if you have lived there for six to eight years (depending on your situation), can pass the citizenship and German language tests, can support yourself, have no criminal records, and are willing to renounce your current citizenship.


4. Ireland

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Ireland, arguably the friendliest nation ending in “landland,” has a one-year residency requirement before applying for citizenship. One must spend a minimum of four cumulative years in Ireland over the following eight years. Those who can demonstrate Irish ancestry may be exempt from the residency requirement. The fulfillment of additional needs is simple.


5. Peru

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In just two years, one can acquire Peruvian citizenship. A residency visa is the first step in the process, allowing an outsider to reside in Peru. The approval of these visa applications typically takes three months. The applicant has six months to complete their visa after receiving approval. The applicant may submit a citizenship application after two years in Peru. Candidates must pass exams on a variety of topics, including history, culture, and the Spanish language unless they are married to a Peruvian national. The cost of obtaining citizenship in Peru is about USD 25,000, but the government allows applicants to pay in installments to lessen the financial burden.