This holiday season, here are 10 gifts you will love!

This Holiday season, we present to you, dear reader, a curated list of the best gifts from the shops, designers, and brands you (and we!) love the most.

Never showing up empty-handed is one thing, but showing up with a hamper full of Christmas joy, a handmade paper vase that moonlights as a piece of surrealist art, or stress-melting aromatic luxury teas in hand, means a return invitation is guaranteed. Here’s a one-stop guide to gifting for the hostess of those exciting Christmas parties you’ll be attending all this month.

Although, gifts can be a last-minute obligation, the more thoughtful the gift, the less likely it is to be re-gifted or forgotten, locked away in their cupboard of non-useful gifts. After all, you want to see that three-tier cupcake server by Good Earth coming out for a cameo at the next high-tea at their home. Not to mention, well-deserved credit and compliments directed at you for finding “the loveliest present”.

‘London’ scented candle, Tom Dixon at Net-a-porter, Rs 5,595; Net-a-porter.com

Nothing talks better than scented candles for a holiday gift. Be it in the company of a wine or a shower, these fragrant candles bring more of the season to home.

‘Gilded decor’ gift box set, The Label Life, Rs 3,390; Thelabellife.com

This gift box, unlike any other that is going to get re-gifted or sent to the back of the cupboard; is going to be a display of the season for the show. The design of the frames is a treat for the eyes.

‘Bazaar’ paper vase, Once Upon A Flutter, Rs 1,495; Onceuponaflutter.com

Turn your gifting skills more unique and thoughtful with this paper vase from Bazaar.

‘Christmas Meribel Fir Tree’, Baccarat, price on request, Baccarat.com


Platter set, Clove, price on request; Clovethestore.com

Gifting is incomplete until it includes a platter set. This beauty is a luxe addition to your friend’s and family’s kitchen cabinets.

Herbal Blends gift box, Tasse de Thé, Rs 999; Tdtworld.com

This gift box is perfect for those people who love to hoard on organic and natural products. Not to mention the pocket friendly feature.

‘Ritz’ three tier server, Rs 7,400, Good Earth; Goodearth.in

Holiday season means bringing home or baking cinnamon buns and donuts. While serving to guests, it would mean heavenly to be able to display these goodies on a three tier server.

Velvet cushion with bee embroidery, Gucci, price on request; Gucci.com

While gifting home furnishing, we may as well make it a signature with a label.

Rosemary Green collection, Le Creuset, Le-creuset.in

One of the most useful gifts for the long merry season is a cookware set. There comes no doubt that there is minimal level chance of it being passed on ever because there can never be too much of cookware. Especially when it is gorgeous!

‘Moët Imperial Golden Sparkle’ limited edition bottle, Moët & Chandon, starting at Rs 7,260; Moet.com

No celebration is complete without popping a bottle of champagne!