These 11 Cute Pictures of Animals Prove That Love Is All We Need

Animals are considered as synonyms of innocence. They don’t only teach us to be empathetic and compassionate but also make us feel loved. 

We might have learned hundreds of languages  but they still successfully communicate what’s important. While humans show their affection in many different ways, animals’ display of affection involves simple things like asking for hugs and attention.

In this blog, we will see animals showing their love for other animals and of course for their hoomans. Scroll and enjoy! Also we would love to hear from you in the comments!

  1. “You might be a duck, but you’re my best friend!”

Photo: imgur.com

2. “Can’t we just stay like this today dad? Look into my eyes before you say no!”

Photo: imgur.com

3. “Will you always love me?”

Photo: imgur.com

4. “I haven’t slept in days!”

Photo: Capybara/ imgur.com

5. “Today is my birthday, I turned 2 in human years!”

Photo: imgur.com

6. “Let’s go out boss, I’m more than ready!”

Photo: imgur.com

7. “Let’s just wait here, she’ll be out any moment!”

Photo: imgur.com

8. “She makes me forget that she’s a cat and I’m a dog”

GIF: imgur.com

9. “I don’t know where to start but I missed you so much dad!”

Photo: imgur.com

10. “I’ll always be your kitty!”

Photo: imgur.com

11. “So, what’s in the dinner?”

Photo: Pippet/ imgur.com