Tastiest Street Foods from around the world!

global street food

No matter how much you eat at home and how much ever nutrition you care for in your diet, there’s nothing that beats street food! Gone are the days where we want to only try the local cuisine of a new city or country at the best of restaurants. While that could be fun in its own ways, taking the stroll down the place’s busiest roads that offers their local street food is a whole new experience. Besides the best of flavors from around the world, it also gives one a hint of the country’s rich food culture. A travel-lover’s trip is incomplete without digging into some of the local street food and bringing back the memory of being a part of them makes the trip a complete one.

These are some of the tastiest street foods from around the world!

1. Arepa (Colombia and Venezuela)

Arepa (Colombia and Venezuela)
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2. Sesame Bread Ring, Athens

Greek Sesame Bread rings recipe (Koulouri Thessalonikis) - My Greek Dish
Courtesy: Reddit

3. Banana cue, Philippines

Banana cue (Philippines)
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4. Bunny Chow, South Africa

Bunny chow (South Africa)
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5. Hanami Dango Dessert, Kioto, Japan

Dango | Traditional Dessert From Japan
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6. Crepe, France

Crepe (France)
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7. Pani Puri, India

Pani Puri Recipe – Awesome Cuisine
Courtesy: Awesome Cuisine

8. Gyro, Greece

Gyro (Greece)
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9. Mango sticky rice, Thailand

Mango sticky rice (Thailand)
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10. Poutine, Quebec, Canada

Poutine (Quebec, Canada)
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11. Tacos, Mexico

Tacos (Mexico)
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12. Tornado potatoes, South Korea

Tornado potatoes (South Korea)
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13. Vada Pav, India

Vada pav (India)
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14. Shawarma, Middle East

Shawarma (Middle East)
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15. Tamales, Chicago

21 of Chicago's best tamales, Mexican and beyond
Courtesy: Chicago Tribune

16. Pani câ mèusa, Palermo, Italy

Pani câ mèusa (Palermo, Italy)
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17. Khachapuri, Georgia

Khachapuri (Georgia)
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18. Hot dog, United States

Hot dog (United States)
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19. Zapiekanka, Poland

Courtesy: TasteAtlas

20. Kapsalon, Netherlands

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21. Coxinha, SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL

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22. Samosa, India

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23. Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls (Ch? giò), Southeast Asia

Ch? giò
Courtest: TasteAtlas

24. Fish and chips, England

Fish and chips (England)
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25. Chapli kebab, Pakistan

Chapli kebab (Pakistan)
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If you’re a travel-lover and a foodie, then you shouldn’t miss out on trying out these street foods if you happen to visit any of these countries.