5 Tips That Will Keep You Stress-Free During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Being in self-isolation, managing household chores and working from home has left you low on energy and causes anxiety as well as stress. You’re not alone in this, each and every individual on earth is walking on the same fire. There are ways to tackle these obstacles and stay motivated. Here are 5 stress busters that are easy and doable.    

#1. Workout, scratch that, work-in

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Who cares if you can’t access the gym, follow a routine where you exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. Try skipping, climbing stairs, squats, aerobics, yoga or any kind of exercise that works for you. Exercising regularly reduces stress, keeps you fit and uplifts your mood.

#2. Yoga will make you go gaga

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Meditation and yoga are the best medicine for anxiety, no one can deny that. When you’re stressed you’ll notice a change in your breathing pattern, that’s common. Practising deep breathing and meditation will keep you calm and work wonders for you.

#3. What’s your hobby?

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Indulge in activities like reading a book, cooking, dancing, singing or whatever that helps you keep your cool and takes your mind off things going around. It keeps away stress and brings you joy. 

#4. Aromatherapy at home

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You don’t need a spa for this, try aromatherapy in your home by simply lighting a scented candle or spraying your favourite perfume in the room while you carry out your daily activities or even better, just lie down and relax for a while. Believe it or not, it’s a stress buster.

#5. A healthy diet is the key

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Now that you’re binge-watching your favourite shows so often, let’s face it that you’re binge-eating, which you also do when you’re stressed. A healthy and balanced diet comprising of veggies, fruits, protein etc. is what you need right now to keep your body and mind fit. Keep a close watch on what you eat.


Be aware and follow these tips which will keep you hale and hearty. Keep stress at bay!



Featured Image Courtesy: CNN