Say “Hello” to Thick Hair With These 6 Tips

Most of us are born with lovely hair, but the texture and volume change with age. The reasons are plenty- hereditary, bad lifestyle, chemical damage, or health issues. Lucky are those who can style their thick hair without investing much effort. But for the rest of us, it is a struggle. Not anymore, though, with these helpful tips! 

Here are 6 tried and tested tips that will help you flaunt your new, thick hair! 

1. Protein up your Diet– Better health and better hair mean more protein intake. That’s where all the rich zinc is we need it for better hair. Soak in all the healthy nutrients with eggs, chickpeas, meat, and the like.


2. Avoid Dry Shampoos- Sometimes, it’s inevitable to use one. But prefer washing your hair overusing a dry shampoo since it does cause its own share of damage. In short, it is not as healthy for the hair as a regular shampoo. 

3. Use Styling Tools only Rarely- Depending on your profession and frequency of using styling tools like curlers, straighteners, and dryers, try and limit their use. If you can do without either of these, then skip it to avoid excessive damage. 

4. Scrub and Exfoliate- The scalp could use some scrub and exfoliation but only with products that are natural and brands you can trust. Scrubbing the scalp removes residue from shampoo and all other dirt that doesn’t come off with just rubbing and rinsing. 

5. Toss in some Vitamin C  in your diet- Include citrus food in your diet because vitamin C is just as good for the hair as for the skin. It helps to prevent breakage, delays gray hair, and is also important for the production of collagen. 

6. Find a Gentle Shampoo- When buying shampoo, opt for sulfate-free ones since they cause the least damage to the hair.  You would think that the shampoo that doesn’t lather is not good, but it is just the opposite! 

Happy healthy hair ahead!