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Quarantine has our homes decked up with repurpose grocery bags, here is how you can use them!

If you are now finding yourself stuck in a house full of repurpose grocery bags that you stacked up during your quarantine grocery shopping tips or the take-outs from drive-ways, then there is a way you can reuse them to complete productivity.

Here are 6 immediate ways you can get your paper and cloth grocery bags to get into use:

1. Replace The Plastic Bin Bags With Paper Bags

The most effective way of using the crumpled paper bags is to fit them into your trash cans as disposable bin bags. This way you are not only reducing the use of plastic, but also saving a huge chunk of money. Make sure you keep your wet waste separate in some leftover bread bags to avoid any leakage of trash.





2. Use Paper Or Jute Bags As Plant Covers

If bohemian is your vibe and you are amidst redoing your home, this tip is probably the best to stack up your plants indoors. Cover your plant pots with paper or jute bags, get creative and customize them to your taste with pens or attaching buttons. You are good to go! Make sure to take these bags off when you wish to water them.






3. Wrap Up A Bouquet For Your Friends

If you are on a budget here and there is an occasion coming soon, the best way you can save up some dollars is by getting a bunch of fresh flowers home and wrapping up in a paper bag and jute thread. This not only gives a thoughtful organic touch to your gift, but also stands out as a present.






4. Cover Your Books

If you have a love for books and your interiors are dominant of white-color; try covering all your books with these paper bags for a dual colored study corner in your house. Write the names of the books on the outside of the covers to make sure you don’t misplace them. This not only makes your interiors look obedient and subtle, but also add that extra grace for your guests to view upon.





5. Recycle Into Crafts

There are no less ways to recycle paper bags into crafts items and that too polished ones. Use your paper bags to make hanging lanterns, piñatas, decorative wine holders and kids crafts. Also makes for a perfect quarantine exercise you can enjoy doing with your loved ones at home. Voila!






6.  Decoupage your floors & walls.

You go big or go home, right? Boy, this craft has to be the most unusual way of repurpose old paper bags. Did you know that you can turn these bags into decoupage/faux floor planks? Cut brown paper bags into plank sized strips and add brown paint to it. You can then transform it into faux wood with a graining tool. Let it dry and then glue the paper “plank” onto your subfloor. Top it off with polyacrylic meant for floors and you have a floor that looks exactly like those plush wooden rough planks.