Pro Tips To Increase Hemoglobin Level In Your Body

Hemoglobin deficiency is quite a prominent health problem for many of us, especially women. A drop in hemoglobin levels can leave you feeling exhausted, sleepy, or even weak most of the time. The reason behind this is the hemoglobin molecules. These molecules work to transfer oxygen to cells throughout the body. The oxygen we breathe gets purified in the lungs and passes into the bloodstream, where hemoglobin takes it and transfers them to cells. The lower level of hemoglobin leads to a drop in the amount of oxygen transfer into the body cells and reduced or strained functionality of different organs, as per Healthline. 

Here Are Some Useful Tips To Make Your Hemoglobin Level Better:

Add iron-rich foods, vitamin C, and protein to your diet to boost the hemoglobin levels

Avoid long meal gaps: Keep gaps of 2-3 hours between your meals as the long gaps reduce iron absorption. So, don’t kill your hunger.

Stay away from laxatives: They clean the intestines but also wash out good gut bacteria, which in turn drops hemoglobin levels, reduces oxygen in the body, and fat-burning metabolism slows down.

Soak, sprout, and cook your pulses: Pulses are a rich source of protein, minerals, and nutrients. Soak and sprout them overnight to increase the nutrient content, and add them to your meal as per your desire.

Eat Indian gooseberry: Vitamin C content is important for hemoglobin levels which Indian gooseberry has. 

Choose uncultivated seasonal vegetables: Just spinach won’t help increase the iron levels. Add diverse green vegetables that are in season to your meal. These are a rich source of multi-nutrients.