People Eat These Foods With Ketchup, And We Just Want to Puke!

Some food combos totally make sense. For example, burgers go with fries, fries go with ketchup, bacon goes with eggs. Yogurt is a good match for fruits. On the other hand, some combinations may sound a little weird, but we are sure they are even worse than that. For example, there is no way your meat can go with fruits or waffles with chicken.

However, people don’t just come in different shapes and sizes but also with varied tastes. There are a lot of different cuisines and N number of dishes and combos. But here we are going to point out some people who don’t mind eating ketchup with certain dishes, and these combos would disgust you to the core.

A lot of people love the tomato ketchup so much that they literally eat it with anything everything.
Here are a few food items people use ketchup with that would make you surprised rather nauseated:

1) Beans on toast

2) Any Indian gravy

3) Pancakes

4) Banana chips

5) Ice-cream

6) Watermelon

7) Rice