Never Drink Coffee First Thing In the Morning

Your day starts with a coffee! Sounds good, and usual in almost everybody’s case. For some, it’s even more important than brushing teeth. Don’t worry! we are together in this!

Most of us feel that our bodies can’t even function without coffee. So, forget about having a productive day without the much-needed dosage of caffeine every morning.  

You know what? We have been doing it all wrong, all this time. We should rather let our bodies function on their own. 

TikTok star Dr. Karan Raj, who is famous for sharing health-related tips on TikTok told BBC Morning Live that our first thing in the morning shouldn’t be a coffee.

In a video clip posted on TikTok, he said: “Don’t drink coffee first thing in the morning to wake you up. Your body naturally wakes you up with cortisol, you get a cortisol spike in the morning.”

Instead of having coffee right after waking up, Dr. Raj suggests having it later in the morning, once the natural cortisol levels reduce and you’re low on energy. 

“Save your coffee until mid-morning when your cortisol levels and your energy levels dip so you get a caffeine boost then and it’ll be better,” he stated.

However, not all the viewers looked to agree with Dr. Raj and said that they couldn’t imagine starting their day without a coffee.

One of the viewers commented: “Aw hell no, gotta have coffee first thing in the morning or we can’t be friends.”

Another wrote: “Can I have a coffee first thing AND mid-morning as a compromise?”

Another comment joked: “I must have a cortisol deficiency because it takes me at least half an hour to wake up every morning.” We feel you there.

One of the users even commented that they’d put the advice to the test a week ago and said they felt great. Perhaps we should all give it a try?

So, how possible is it for you to skip your early morning coffee? Do let us know in the comment section!