Men confess they enjoy little girly things every now and then!

men things

Gender stereotype exists, and fighting it is still a work in progress. There’s always these statements like, “Men don’t do this” and “women don’t go there.” But all girls like doing the boyish stuff and the men are no different. What’s the harm, anyway? We did not appoint anyone to make the rules for us and we should have the freedom to do something we enjoy, whether people expect our gender to do it or not. These are few men who overcame their embarrassment of doing or liking something that’s otherwise girlish. Kudos to their brave spirit that let’s them feel free and be authentically who they want to be!

1. Romantic TV shows and movies. I just like the feeling when 2 people are happy together, ok? © TheFenixxer

2. Every time I go out drinking I get the girly cocktails while everyone else gets their super wheaty IPAs and whiskey on the rocks. I’m out to enjoy myself, not to burn my esophagus trying to prove my manliness. © TheMagnificentBean

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3. For a few years now I’ve had fun imagining what my wedding might be like (e.g. picking out songs, time of day, etc.). © Doggo_Caliente

4. I listen to Lana Del Rey at the gym. She’s glorious. © JBCatharsis

5. I wear aprons that were my grandmother’s when cooking. They make me think of her standing at the stove, preparing her excellent dinners. I don’t care if they’re “for ladies” (one of them even has honeybees and sunflowers). © Back2Bach

6. Girly shampoo and conditioner are so much better than men’s. © capdoc

7. When my wife is out of town and I have the night to myself, I will oftentimes take a long hot bath, maybe even with bubbles, use my wife’s nice skincare products afterward, put on my bathrobe, and have a nice herbal tea while I watch old movies. My wife doesn’t know I do this. I can’t wait until the day she returns unexpectedly to find her husband spa-dayed just chillin’. © Billionairez

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8. Cross stitching. It sounds super stupid and something that old ladies do. I was an intern at my church and we were putting on a craft camp for kids. I had to learn how to cross-stitch in order to teach kids how to do it. It ended up being so much fun. I have made all kinds of Star Wars and comic book characters as well as decorations. © abertTheGreat

9. Pedicures for sure. My girlfriend took me and it was amazing. © ButteryPancake55