Life Hacks

Low-effort cleaning products for people who love to keep things clean, but hate work!

When you are a clean freak however either feel time bound or lazy to operate on a lot of such nooks and corners of your house, there is a list of products that can make life easier for you.
Without wasting any time, here is a list of 10 such efficient products, that will help you keep your house clean on those lazy days:-

1. A set of refrigerator mats so you can clean your fridge out by simply chucking these in the washing machine instead of having to scrub the heck out of each shelf – INR149

2. A stainless steel drain cover so your drain doesn’t get clogged every now and then, and you can just gather the contents inside the cover and throw them in the bin – INR187

3. A washing machine descaler that will basically do all the cleaning for you, all you have to do is add is to the washing machine and run a function – INR699

4. A kitchen cabinet container so you can directly transfer your fruit and vegetable peels into it to keep your kitchen counters as clean as possible – INR385

5. A flexible microfiber brush that you can use to clean out the tops of high surfaces with minimal strain – INR499

6. A pair of silicone scrubbing gloves so you can thoroughly clean basically everything with minimal effort – INR298

7. Get cozy, warm feet and a cleaner house by simply changing the slippers you wear. These plush microfiber mop slippers collect dust, dirt, and debris as you walk and glide along hard floors — and they can even absorb liquid spills. The detachable soles can be washed and reused.- INR780

8. A wood polishing spray so your furniture can get its original shine back and look more modern – INR299

9. A set of moisture absorbent packets so you can prevent musty smells and mold build-up on the more damp corners of your home – INR549

10. A microfiber cloth set that will make cleaning up spills so much easier since this cloth will soak them up much faster than your regular ones – INR249