K-beauty Regime 2021

Here’s a stepwise guide for the Korean beauty regime.

1) Oil-based cleanser – The first step in the process helps in removing first-based impurities like make-up, sunscreen, or serums from your face.
They do it very gently keeping the oil balance intact in your skin.

2) Toner – The Korean toners provide the first layer of hydration to the skin. They also help in balancing the skin’s PH by letting the ingredients go into the deeper layer.

3) Essence – It is a hybrid between a toner and a serum. It works perfectly to hydrate the skin, aiding skin cells for a youthful appearance.

4) Ampoules – It is a concentrated version of serum. It works as a booster shot and enhances the skin and makes it supple.

5) Eye cream – Apply the eye cream before moisturizer so that the eye area is targeted and treated well.

6) Moisturizer & oiling – Next, apply soothing moisturizer and a few oil drops in a light layer across the skin for long-lasting all-day hydration.

7) Sheet mask – This last step would flood your skin with hydration, it is indeed a great way to get the skin of your dream.