People Angry Over Apple After The Announcement That iPhones Will Now Ship Without Charger And EarPods

iPhone fans and netizens in general are yet again enraged by another reckless step by Apple. Once again, Apple has done something that they call revolutionary and groundbreaking, but the people are quick to point out that it’s just another ploy to earn more profits.

Apple has removed the charging adapter and EarPods from its packaging, and when you order the iPhone 12 – you will just receive the iPhone in the box if you order it.

Naturally, people are angry.

No more chargers or earphones for all the iPhone models

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Apple announced today that they will be shipping iPhone 12 without wall chargers or Lightning EarPods, and the box will have only the iPhone and a USB-C to Lightning cable.

The company claims that it is being done to reduce the environmental impact of the phone.

What’s worse, Apple has removed all the accessories from the older iPhone models. This means that if you buy any iPhone model then you’ll get it without any chargers and earphones.

This is the reason that Apple is giving

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Apple’s argument is that this step will help in using less raw materials and metals for making products. They are also saying that if they remove accessories, then the shipping boxes will be smaller and more boxes can be shipped at once, and this will save carbon emissions that come from transporting goods.

But the irony is that Apple is selling EarPods and Adapters on their website. So if you want one, then you’ll have to buy it separately. So while earlier you would have gotten it for free when you bought the phone, but now you’ll have to pay extra.

Also, Apple will ship these items separately, which completely defeats the purpose of saving carbon emissions.

But people are quick to see through the transparent excuse

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Most people have raised outrage and pointed out that Apple is merely trying to cut down margins, decrease shipping costs, and earn extra money by selling accessories separately which they used to give in the box earlier.

But if Apple is really conscious about the environment then they can start by stopping the illegal minings and child labour that they exploit in Africa and South America to extract Lithium and Cobalt.

But obviously, Apple has always been about the mere show and no substance – and people have finally begun to see it.

Some people even pointed out how hypocritical it is of Apple to talk about reducing waste when their phone literally turns into a toxic brick when it stops working and can’t be repaired. Apple users were always forced by the company to buy new models instead of repairing or recycling their older products, and now the same company talking about the environment could be nothing more than a publicity stunt.



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