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How to Tell If a Call Centre Operator Can Hear You While on Hold

If you’ve ever been put on hold by a customer service operator and wondered if they could hear you swearing, the chances are they might have heard you. 

Thanks to the internet where people can easily communicate and impart learning on different kinds of life hacks. 

Since, calling customer service is a usual scenario, so knowing if a customer service operator can hear us after putting us on hold is something many of us would find useful.

TikTok account @yourdailydoseoflifehacks is known for sharing daily life hacks. It recently shared a tip about call centres in a video that went viral.

Photo: yourdailydoseoflifehacks/ TikTok

The video informed people on how to tell if the call centre operator can actually hear what you’re saying, while you’re on hold.

The video explained: “When a call centre puts you on hold and you don’t hear music, it means you’re on mute… and they can hear everything you’re saying (good and bad).”

This life hack can definitely save some people from getting humiliated and offending people.

The video garnered over 640K views and over 75K people even hit ‘like’. The life hack also attracted hundreds of comments admitting to have faced awkward situations while they thought they were on mute.

One comment said: “Oh noo.”

“Oh good,” said another. “Cos I’m usually expressing how useless their service has been.”

“Embarrassing,” said another|.

Another replied: “Yep, this is 100% true.”

“Oh my god,” commented yet another shocked viewer.