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How to Get Gorgeous Curls Without Heat

Let’s admit that after-bed look isn’t our favorite, and we dream of waking up with our hair looking perfect. What if we tell you that this dream of yours is going to turn into reality after reading this article. 

Controlling how our hair look can be quite challenging and time-consuming. Fortunately, a kind woman shared how you can get Hollywood-style curls overnight. 

Bev, a TikToker, shared a video on demand on how she got her bouncy curls with only two socks and without using any heat at all. 

Courtesy: 222bev/ TikTok
Courtesy: 222bev/ TikTok

While it is believed that these bouncy curls can be made with slightly wet hair, Bev prefers her hair to be dry as she has thick hair that doesn’t dry easily. 

The video shared by Bev garnered over 1.7 million views. It starts with Bev spraying leave-in conditioner before brushing out any tangled hair.

She is then seen grabbing two new socks and tells her viewers that the socks need to be big and fluffy as they don’t only give you beautiful loose waves but are also comfortable to sleep in.

Once she’s done dividing her hair into three sections, the first from the hairline to the ear, she starts wrapping the hair around the sock a couple of times before taking the second section of hair.

She then wraps her hair twice more before incorporating the final part of her hair.

“The reason why I only like to do it in three and not in four or more is that it gives me more of that big bouncy blowout type of curl,” she says in the video.

She continues wrapping the hair around the sock until she reaches the bottom. Then, she stretches up the opening of the sock and over the hair to secure it in place.

“Repeat this process on the overside, and you’re ready for bed,”  Bev says.

“The next morning, when you wake up, gently unravel the sock from your hair, and get gorgeous curls,” she added.

This amazing video received more than 307,000 likes and over a thousand comments, where people thanked Bev for sharing this great life hack.

One comment said: “Wait, this looks so easy, thank you!”

Another viewer commented: “I did not just see this at 1 am, and get out of bed just to try it.”

Another TikTok user shared: “I’ve been doing this since last March. It’s amazing! My hair has gotten so long and healthy because of the lack of heat damage.”

“Omg! this looks so much easier than the bathrobe curl method,” said another appreciating comment.