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How to Gain Weight in a Healthy Manner?

Well, the idea is to consume more calories daily than you expend. Generally, you can aim to eat 300–500 calories more than you require. A further suggestion is to increase the number of meals you eat daily. When attempting to gain weight, increasing your dietary intake of protein and fats is practically required. Incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine is a good idea because it can help you improve your muscle mass.

1: Milk

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Due to its abundance of all nutrients our bodies require, milk is a complete food. It contains many vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, and fats.


2: Rice 

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One of the practical and affordable sources of carbohydrates necessary for weight gain is rice.


3: Dried fruits

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Consumption of dried fruit can help you gain weight. This superfood is packed with micronutrients, proteins, and different antioxidants.


4: Homemade protein smoothies 

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Smoothies made from scratch are much healthier than protein supplements from the store. Immediately following exercise, aiding muscle growth is the best time to consume a shake.


5: Red meat 

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Red meat is an excellent source of protein that aids in weight gain and muscle development.


6: Fatty and oily fish 

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Essential fatty acids and proteins are abundant in fatty fish like salmon. They aid in weight gain and immunity boosting.


7: Potatoes and starch 

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Starchy foods like corn and potatoes are well-known, delicious choices for quick weight gain. It is a cost-effective choice that gives your extra body calories.


8: Whole grain bread 

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Bread made from simple whole grains is a good source of carbohydrates that will make you gain weight. They can be well-balanced meals when prepared with protein sources like eggs, meat, and cheese.


9: Avocados

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Avocados are a great source of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and fats. Avocados are a great addition to sandwiches and other necessary meals for gaining weight.


10: Whole eggs 

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Because they are a good source of proteins, calcium, and healthy fats, whole eggs are your dietician’s recommended food for weight gain.