How a Woman Earns By Selling Feet Photos Online

Times have changed, now people can stay home and make money. What made it possible? Of course, the internet. And, it’s creating more and more opportunities day by day.

Making money from the internet as a self-employed person is like hopping onto a trend, and this is exactly what a woman, Devin McCloud did by selling pictures of her feet online. She then quit her nine-to-five job, and now she earns enough and has more time to spend on whatever she likes to do.  

Courtesy: devvydevvv/ TikTok

Devin took to TikTok and explained how she manages to make money while putting her feet up and not doing any ‘work’.

The dancer turned foot model is quite vocal about her unorthodox profession, and she’s shared how she is doing it.

The video clip uploaded by her garnered 1.3 million views and people didn’t shy to praise her for her insights. Someone even said: “found my dream job”.

Devin said she created an Instagram account just for her feet, to wear specific jewelry, and find an agent.

She told: “There are various websites like Feet Finder that you can make money on.”

In one of her previous videos, Devin said that she always has her toenails painted white or with French tips as it attracts more attention from clients.

With her videos, she regularly posts to her 45,000+ followers, which helped her become self-employed

In another short video, Devin shared the ‘benefits’ of being a foot model.

These benefits include: “You’re your own boss, you get to always have your feet looking pretty, you meet a lot of new people [and] everything’s on your time.”

Impressed by her video, many viewers headed to the comment section.

One commented: “Did I just find my calling.”

Another said: “I was considering this, but I was like Nah. Now I see this as a sign…”

However, not everyone was so convinced to follow the path shown by her

One person stated: “My feet are atrocious, I’m so mad.”

So, are your feet good enough to pay your bills?

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