Here’s Why You Should Take Naps

In today’s hectic and stressed life, power naps are considered therapeutic. Most of us keep ourselves busy with jobs and other responsibilities and don’t get time to give our eyes and head a break. Mid-afternoon naps are believed to rejuvenate you better than naps in any other time window. 

If we go by numbers, about 35% of Americans manage to take a nap during the daytime. These naps help make them twice the sharper as those who don’t take a nap. Moreover, these 35% people are less likely to make mistakes and meet any possible accidents. 

Even though people love being in hibernation mode, some find naps to be a sign of laziness and childishness. Additionally, naps are also blamed for not getting enough sleep at night. However, naps are completely healthy and are good for your body. There is no logical reason why you shouldn’t take the day naps. 

There are three different types of afternoon naps:

  • Planned nap: Type of a nap you take before you feel tired. It’s usually right before an event you are aware of will end late that night.
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  • Emergency Nap: Type of a nap you take when you feel exhausted from physical or mental activity, and cannot continue with it.
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  • Habitual Nap: This type of nap is believed to be the most beneficial. It is taken during the afternoon and is usually taken around the same time every day.
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So what’s best for you?

A nap not longer than 30 minutes is an ideal nap. It improves your alertness, and the period is good enough to not leave you dizzy afterward. So, if you’re looking to enjoy afternoon naps, remember that no matter how childish taking naps sounds, but Science is in favor of taking naps.