Have Mild COVID Symptoms? Here Are Some Effective Home Remedies By An Ayurvedic Expert

March last year was the scariest month for all of us. It was the time when India was officially grabbed by the COVID monster and everything stood still due to the lockdown. 

Total COVID cases in India till now are 11,156,923 and deaths by COVID are 157,471. Many people couldn’t survive the virus and many are still fighting the battle. India still moans on the loss of lives of our countrymen.

The virus behaved quite differently on different people, it did not affect everyone in the same manner. The virus varied from mild to moderate to severe on some people while others were asymptomatic with no effect on them whatsoever. 10,826,075 COVID survivors who tricked the virus.

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Now exactly after one year we are in a process of getting vaccinated for the Coronavirus. Things are back to normal and people have started stepping out for work, shopping and events, but is everything really back to normal? Is getting vaccinated actually mean that we won’t get affected by the virus again? Well, the answer is NO.  

With all the new strains and unknown effectiveness of vaccination, it’s really hard to put a certain verdict out there. 

We need to take the same precautions even after getting vaccinated and hence we have compiled some ayurvedic remedies for you by Dr. Rekha Radhamony.

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Home Remedies For Mild COVID Symptoms

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1) Hydration

Dr. Rekha recommends keeping yourself hydrated by having warm water multiples times a day with dry ginger and tulsi leaves.

She suggests boiling the water with a piece of dry ginger until it’s reduced to half of its quantity and then add some tulsi to it. 

2) Food

Consume freshly cooked and warm meals. Include rice gruel or moong dal soup without any salt or oil in your meals (lunch and dinner). Do not overeat leave the stomach half-empty after each meal. Make sure to have your dinner before 7 pm. 

3) Spices

Indian spices do wonder when it comes to health remedies, our spices have the power to heal. Thus, add spices like cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, star anise, and cloves to your meals. Include dried turmeric and dried ginger too. 

4) Sleep

Take 8 hours of sleep every night without fail as our immunity is made and restocked at the time of sleep. 

5) Fruits

If you are an asymptomatic patient, have fruits like pomegranate and grapes. If you have symptoms, skip having fruits completely.

6) Veggies

Have well-cooked vegetables, do not eat raw vegetables or salads. Reduce the intake of eggplants, tomato, potato and bell peppers.

7)  Exercise

If you have symptoms and you are feeling fatigued or tired, do not perform any kind of physical activity. Just practice 30 minutes of Pranayama.

8) Dr. Rekha highly recommends taking Guduchi – 1000 mg tablet per day.

If you have a cough, have one tablespoon of honey with black pepper powder three to four times a day. If you have throat irritation, chew on Vyoshadi Vatakam multiple times a day. For throat pain and congestion, do a hot water gargle and add pink salt and dried turmeric powder to it. 

9) If you have congestion, have this herbal decoction twice a day before you have your meals:

Boil two glasses of water and add two tablespoons of trikatu churna (mix of dried ginger powder, pepper powder, and long pepper powder in the ratio of 1:1:1). Boil the mixture until the quantity is reduced to half. Add tulsi leaves and palm jaggery to it.