Good & Bad Foods For P**is Erections!

Many people face this issue, and in this article, a doctor is telling us about the reasons which might be an add-on to the issue of p**is erections.

According to Dr. Joshua Gonzalez, soy, white bread, excessive alcohol, canned soup, farm-raised salmon, microwave popcorn, dairy, cured meats, and mint may all be bad for erections.

Here are some good and bad food items that you should avoid and start the in-take of respectively. 

Bad food for erection

1) White bread 

2) Canned soups 

3) Microwave Popcorns 

4) Mint

5) Farm-raised salmon 

6) Cured meat and Soy 

Good food for erection

1) Coffee

2) Dark Chocolate

3) Oats

Although there’s not a ton of healthy data looking at diet concerning erections, Gonzalez did mention that the Mediterranean diet is thought to be one of the more positive diets for maximizing men’s sexual health.