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Genius Hack to Keep Dust From Settling On Surfaces

Have you ever met anyone who loves dusting? Of course not! What kind of question is that? Right? This is why we all look for ways to get done with it as quickly as possible.

A cleaning expert has decided to make our lives a little easier by giving away a simple but extremely useful hack to keep your surfaces clean and shiny. You’ll be surprised to know that for this, all you need is baby oil to keep your surfaces dust-free. 

The famous TikToker and cleaning expert Manjeet who goes by the name @mrsjohalshome, often shares cleaning hacks and tips.

In her recent video clip, Manjeet mentioned all the different ways in which she uses baby oil for cleaning purposes. Dusting and making a leather jacket shine were some of them. 

In the video of her demonstrating baby oil uses, she writes “Use on your fridge freezer, follow the natural grain.”

She is seen polishing her tabletop and candle holders, as she writes: ”Use on chrome surfaces to give it an extra shine.”

While in the third demonstration, she wrote: “Buff into leather for a shine.”

Courtesy: mrsjohalshome/TIKTOK

Baby oil is a great stainless steel cleaner, as it gives the steel a shine if it’s buffed into the surface in circular motions.

To ensure that the surface isn’t sticky, remove excess oil by wiping it clean with a kitchen towel.

Moreover, you can get baby oil in most high street retailers for cheap.

The video has garnered almost 2,000 likes and numerous comments from viewers with different opinions. While some looked impressed by the hack, others had a few questions on their minds.

One comment said: “Never thought to use baby oil. You have a beautiful home by the way.”

Somebody else asked whether one could use the oil to clean windows as well, however, Manjeet recommended not to as it would smear. Instead, she suggested using a washing liquid and water.

Another viewer stated: “It’s all fine and dandy doing this but doesn’t it make your surface greasy?” to which the creator replied: “No hun not at all I use the smallest drop.”

“I use it on my bathroom radiator, gives it a lovely shine,” revealed one of the viewers.