“Cow Dung Can Ensure Healthy Labor”

Labor pain is equivalent to breaking 20 bones at the same time, much more than the pain a human body can generally endure. No matter how painful it is, having healthy labor makes everything else insignificant. 

But what could possibly guarantee it? Is it bizarre enough to know that eating cow dung can guarantee it?

Courtesy: Triangle News

Well, no matter how you take it, an Indian doctor believes so. As per Dr. Manoj Mittal, it’s totally safe to munch on dung and has numerous health benefits including preventing illnesses and cesarean deliveries.

To prove that it’s safe to consume cow poo, the Docter filmed himself eating it and posted the video online showing him picking dung off the floor and stuffing it into his mouth. Indian Dr. Mittal even claimed that seeing the amazing health benefits, his whole family has been consuming it for years now.

Courtesy: Triangle News

He stated: “Every part of Panchagavya obtained from the cow is very valuable for mankind.

“See, if we eat cow dung, then our body and mind become pure.

“By eating cow dung, it removes impurities from our body.

“We are nine siblings, and we have been eating dung. My mother also consumes it from time to time, and she had given all of us birth via normal deliveries.”

Earlier, numerous videos surfaced claiming eating cow dung could cure COVID. Additionally, people were seen bathing in cow dung as COVID-19 prevention.

However, Dr. Vasant Patel, a member of the Ahmedabad Medical Association (AMA), said that cow dung has nothing to do with strengthening the immune system.

“It’s all a misconception. If one uses cow dung or urine, they are inviting an infection known as Mucormycosis,” he added.