You Can Catch COVID-19 Through Your Eyes, Here’s How To Protect Yourself

Most of us are extremely cautious while going out or interacting with someone from outside. We maintain a safe distance, we wear a mask to cover the mouth and the nose.

But is that enough?

Our eyes still remain exposed, and now a scientist has discovered that you can catch Coronavirus through your eyes since they are open to the air.

This virologist got infected through his eyes

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Earlier it was believed that if you touch your eyes with an infected hand, you may get Coronavirus. But now even exposure to air is dangerous.

Dr Joseph Fair, a high-profile virologist and infectious disease expert, says that he got infected via the eyes.

He was travelling on a flight, and he took all the precautions necessary, including wearing mask and gloves, sanitizing his hands, and he never touched his eyes.

After a few days of his travel, he was hospitalized due to a severe case of COVID-19 infection.

Eyes are quite an easy target for the Coronavirus, according to this scientist

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Another scientist, Dr Thomas Steinemann says that the surface of the eyes can be an easy target for the virus. And while people should be careful about protecting their eyes, there is no reason to panic about it.

Dr Steinemann also said that if someone sneezes or coughs nearby you, the virus droplets can enter your eye even if your mouth and nose are covered.

There are some simple things you can do to protect yourself

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First is the most obvious one, do not touch your eyes with your hands. Second is that you should always stay at least 6 feet away from others when you are in public.

Other things you could do is to wear glasses or shades in public, and if you wear contact lenses then switch them for a pair of eyeglasses.

Should you wear glasses or protective goggles?

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Many health organizations have issued guidelines on how people can protect their eyes in public and in their workplaces. But it has not recommended that people should use some sort of protective eyewear. But it is recommended to wear glasses when you are in public, and if you are meeting someone who has been tested positive for Coronavirus then you should wear protective goggles as well.



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