Feeling Overworked and Overwhelmed? 7 Steps To Keep Your Mood Uplifted and Cheerful

Combating the coronavirus pandemic is posing all kinds of challenges for the entire human race on earth to face.

Staying at home and working from home is handing you tasks one after the other leaving you feeling exhausted, stressed and anxious.

From performing household chores to meeting the deadlines, your mental and physical health is being compromised. How are you going to deal with all the pressure, inner turmoil and at the same time be productive? Here’s how.

#1. One task at a time

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Straighten out your tasks list so that you know what all tasks are to be done and which task is to be given priority. No matter how long the list is, check off your tasks one by one, to avoid any kind of confusion. Prioritize your work, analyse how much load you could take on your shoulders and learn to delegate.

#2. Something creative, Something fun

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Between all that chaos, you need time for yourself, the time when you’d be away from all the madness around. Nurturing your physical and mental health by meditating, doing yoga, maintain a healthy diet as well as doing something which brings out the creative side in you like painting, writing, dancing or singing, will keep you going in these hard times.

#3. A bit of introspection

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Clearly you have too much going on in your mind with all the work pressure that you’re dealing with. Find a peaceful corner so that you can take a look inside yourself, better understand your emotions so that you’re aware of what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling that way. Knowing self has its own joy, the deeper you go the more you know about yourself. To express how you’re feeling is equally important since suppressing them will build your stress level.

#4. Do not overload yourself

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Considering the workload, be it home-work or office-work you need to keep a check on the added responsibilities you take on. If you have too much on your plate do not hesitate to ask others to share your load.

#5. The silver lining

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You have the gift of time, use it wisely. Do something that you’ve always wanted to, learn new skills, complete that book you left halfway, explore different things and discover yourself. This is the chance you’ve been given to do the thing that makes you ‘you’. When was the last time you did nothing absolutely nothing? Try it, it’s relaxing.

#6. Stay uplifted rather than updated

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Consuming news is important but chasing it constantly leads to anxiety and causes stress. Follow motivational pages, opt for online classes to upgrade your skills or to learn new ones, keep the humour alive in your life and these will get you through these tough times.

#7. Copy your old routine

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You had a daily routine that you religiously followed like early morning jogging, commuting to work and back to back meetings. This somewhat fixed time table gave you a sense of control and helped you plan things in a better way.

Now since the times have changed, your routine has shattered but what you can do is take control by replicating your workspace at your home to give you that familiar feeling of working from the office and prepare a chart of calls and online meeting scheduled for the day. But irrespective of the workload, don’t forget to chill!


You’ll not just make through this but in fact, you’ll come out stronger. Remember, this too shall pass!


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