Life Hacks

Bathroom Cleaning Made Easy with these Sparkling Tricks 

Sometimes, bathroom cleaning becomes a bit icky. But for those who like their bathrooms to sparkle, and believe us when we say, it is most sanitary, we’ve got some tips. No matter how clean or dirty a house, bathrooms usually receive the most cleaning attention with extra care for the smell. It’s the one place where we don’t want people to feel discomfort. We all know how embarrassing dirty bathrooms are when people come over, right? Take a look! 

1. No More Yellow Tiles 

Even though cleaned with soap and water, yellow tiles make one go, “eww!” One of the best ways to get rid of such stains is with a mixture of warm water and half a cup of vinegar. 

2. Let the fixtures shine

Showerheads, taps, jet sprays- they all tend to look rusty and old when not cleaned. Pour some baby oil on a cloth and wipe away. 

3. Dirty Sink? No more! 

Who would want to use a dirty sink? The stains make us not want to use it. But Tea tree oil and baking soda when combined create the best scrub to make it look as good as new. 

4. Crystal Clear Glass Doors 

Over wiping with the same cloth leaves behind some fabric on the glass. Here’s what you do instead- spray some vinegar on the glass and wipe it off with newspapers.

5. Black-black Tile Lines 

The tiles may be clean, but the lines between the tiles are hard to clean from all the soap buildup. Clearly, soap will not help. Try toothpaste and see the color change. 

6. Mirror Mirror on the Wall 

What’s the point of a mirror if it ain’t clean? Rub some shaving foam on it, leave for a couple of minutes, and then wipe with a cloth or towel. Spotless as ever! 

Go on, sparkle up your bathrooms!