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8 Habits to make your hair stronger and healthier!

haircare routine for healthy hair

Healthy, strong, and shiny hair is everyone’s dream. But hair care is not as easy as we hope, is it? If only it was all about shampoo and a conditioner once in a while. Experts around the world have shared so many proven ways to get stronger and healthier hair. Adopting these habits as a routine helps the hair and you! Take a look.

1. Get Regular Haircuts

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Get rid of the split ends, dry hair in the end, and those strands with hardly any volume. Regular haircuts helps the hair grow longer. A little chop chop every 6 to 8 week is ideal.

2. Pay attention to the scalp

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Do you feel like scratching the scalp a lot? That’s a sign of a dry scalp. The causes could be many- diet, hot water, etc. But that’s not something to avoid. See a doctor so they can prescribe medicated shampoos.

3. Avoid heat

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If you’re using too many hair tools, you’re doing more damage to your hair than you can see. Hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, etc. aren’t for everyday use. If you have to use the hairdryer, the best you can do is switch to the cold air setting as opposed to the hot air.

4. Speaking of heat, avoid hot showers

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Again, heat is bad for the hair. So, it’s not just about the tools, but also about heat in any form. If its too cold, you can use lukewarm water. It also causes dry scalp. If you have colored your hair, hot water will also wash the color out sooner than you imagined.

5. Haircare products should be seasonal

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As the seasons change, alter your haircare products too. Products used in winter require more moisture to avoid dryness in the hair. For the products used during summer and monsoon, you need a light products that keep you away from humidity.

6. Give weekly breaks to your hair

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Every once in a while, give your hair some break from the daily routine of styling and drying. Let them dry naturally, don’t over brush, and avoid using any sprays on them. Let them be as natural as they can.

7. Watch what you eat

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Add as much protein as you can to your diet. Not just is it good for your health, but also hair health because it provides you with the required Keratin. Avoid too much oily and junk food. Too much oil in the body is released from the hair, making your hair look oily all the time.

8. Hydrate the hair with deep conditioning

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Every week, deeply condition your hair. You could do it either at the salon or at home, whatever suits you best. Nonetheless, deep conditioning gives the hair enough hydration.

Adopt these hair habits now for healthier, shiny hair.