7 Things People Hate About Rain

Rains are usually considered romantic and mood uplifting, but there are certain things about the rain that kind of pinch people. Read on, and let us know if you agree with us.

1. Instagram/FB stories- Well now you don’t have to look outside your window to know it’s raining thanks to everyone’s social revelations. Today, “keeping it to yourself” doesn’t quite work.

2. The entire city seems to drown and looks dirty. Also, the swimming pool of rainwater kinda looks like a mess.

3. Rain brings diseases and deaths- Be it road accidents, electrocutions, or waterborne diseases, rains bring casualties in one way or the other.

4. The happy troopers are stuck in massive traffic Jams.
Yous are gonna be definitely late for your important meeting because you know, it’s raining. After all, it’s better to be late than never.

5) The blackout- One thing that definitely happens after a non-stop rainfall of 24hrs is the obvious power outage, and we all know how painful it could be when almost everything in life is dependent on it.

6. Suddenly people driving cars become your enemies if you’re going somewhere on foot. Neither you can save yourself nor your clothes when cars pass you splashing dirty water.

7. You need a bag to keep an umbrella- When it rains, no matter where you’re going, you would need an umbrella, and for that, you would need to carry a bag.