7 People Demonstrate that Actions speak louder than words!


So many of us want to actually hear our people say, “I love you.” But there are some people who go one bit higher in their demonstration of love. It is their actions that speak and win the hearts of those they love. No matter the age, no matter their lifestyles, no matter how busy they are, their lovable actions haven’t gone unnoticed. Only, one should have an eye to look for these various expressions of love and priority. These little incidents inspire the lover within us- what more do we need? Read one!

1. My then-boyfriend drove 45 minutes to my house, late at night, to basically push my head into the floor because I had a migraine and the external pressure of him leaning on my head was a massive relief. Nothing else was working. He sat like that, on the floor with me, for a couple of hours and then drove back home in the middle of the night. It was a weird request, and he didn’t even blink, he just helped.
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2. Awwwww, right?

18 People Who Show Us It May Be Easy to Say “I Love You,” but Only a Few Can Prove It
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3. In my first year of medical school, I was struggling to take care of myself, pay for my dog’s surgery, and afford healthy food that I needed time to prepare, on top of my bills. One day, after my partner left after a visit, I noticed a bunch of healthy snacks in my pantry. The next time there were more snacks and some Mio packs. After the third time, I called him crying because he had filled an entire drawer with my favorite protein bars. Even now, when he comes over to stay for a day or 2, he’ll buy and prepare chicken and veggies and quinoa the way I like it while I’m away at school. I usually don’t see it until he’s gone. He’s helped me so much with getting through this. © TheineandTheobromine / Reddit

4. My husband not once, but twice, got in touch with my boss and arranged time off for me, then surprised me with tickets for a trip accompanied by an email from my boss that said, basically, “Handled, have fun!” Husband also arranged child and dog care. All I had to do was pack a bag and enjoy. As someone who does all the arrangements, all the time for all things, this was mad crazy romance points. © Flahdagal / Reddit

5. What a wonderful gesture, isn’t it?

18 People Who Show Us It May Be Easy to Say “I Love You,” but Only a Few Can Prove It
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6. My family wasn’t very financially stable when I was a teenager. My boyfriend at the time would sneak some of the food from his family’s home and bring it to me. What made it more romantic was the fact that his parents were extremely strict. But he still risked it to feed me. Never been so grateful. © Just_Red_00 / Reddit

7. Now, who would’ve thought this is why she bought a PC?

18 People Who Show Us It May Be Easy to Say “I Love You,” but Only a Few Can Prove It
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