7 Crazy Reactions That Vegans Usually Get

Taking a whole new turn of life in terms of lifestyle is not less daunting or surprising, leave alone when you come across the reactions of friends and family after sharing the details. Telling people around you that you have turned ‘Vegan’ can sometimes bring a whole realm of unexplored knowledge to you, but most of the times it brings to your sarcasm and unique humor.

Here are some of the reactions you will face when you choose to tell the world you are Vegan. Be prepared! :

1. Are you hungry?

Noo! The consistent reaction is the straight assumption that if you have turned Vegan, you are automatically deprived of food (Proteins & Carbohydrates). Let’s be honest, vegetables and micro-greens have enough proteins and carbohydrates a body’s healthy being requires. If one is hungry, they can always toss themselves another bowl of sautéed veggies.

2. Are you on a diet?

There is a MASSIVE difference in being a Vegan or one being on a diet. Vegan is more a lifestyle than a pattern of food. It is a decision and choice.

3. Is it difficult?

The amount of resources today with grocery, recipes or even near by vegan cafes has now massively increased. Making it easier for people to choose Vegan lifestyle. There is so much knowledge available on the internet on the people to surf from, so the strain has massively reduced.

4. Are you trying to be cool?

Wait, what even? First of all, plant-based eating may be on the rise now, but it is not some new trend that will soon fade like other fads such as the Atkins. And taking about Atkins!

5. How do you get your protein?

How many times have we had to answer this question? Protein can be found in many plants that we already consume. In addition microgreens are extremely high in proteins and nutritions, probably even double. Thanks to green evolution, we have several ways to grow them even indoors with great ease. Beans, nuts, seeds, cauliflower, broccoli, quinoa, and spinach. Remember Popeye?

6. What do you eat?

Almost everything is possible in a Vegan diet. A Vegan kitchen is full of colors to pick from. The morning cereal can go with strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. The lunch can have an array of greens, oranges, and reds. Dinner is a mix of just about everything. There is no shortage of delicious recipes to put to excellent use.


7. How do you live without cheese?

To be fair, this is an apt question. It is tough! Cheese is tasty, but so are other things. When you decide to change your lifestyle, nothing comes without a little pain. This is one of the truest forms of sacrifice one has had to made. However, with markets expanding for vegans, there are also several vegan cheese options now available in the market to compensate for.