5 Types Of Indoor Plants You Should Bring Home

Who doesn’t love a good houseplant? Even if you’re a seasoned killer, those green babies are just too freaking hard to resist.

Indoor plants are a simple way to add a pop color or boost the outdoor vibes in any room. They just uplift the mood and give us pure oxygen. Also, indoor plants are just plain good for your mental health as they provide calmness to the eyes.

Here are 5 types of indoor plants you should surely bring home.



1) Money tree

Courtesy: Reddit

Light: Bright, indirect lights. Thrives in fluorescent lighting (perfect for apartment living).

Water: Water when the soil is almost completely dry at the top.

Pet friendly: Yes.

Plant parent level: Beginner to intermediate.


2)  Fiddle leaf fig

Courtesy: Reddit

Light: Place it in a well-lit spot where it will receive indirect lighting all day long.

Water: Keep the soil moist, but let at least 1 inch of soil dry out before watering again. During the summer it requires more frequent watering.

Pet friendly: No. It’s toxic if cats or dogs ingest it.

Plant parent level: Intermediate. The fiddle leaf fig can be quite the diva.


3) Rubber plant 

Courtesy: Reddit

Light: Give this one bright light, but not direct sunlight.

Water: Try watering it about 1 to 2 times a week (yellow leaves = lay off the water). Let the soil dry on top before watering. Make sure to really keep it moist during the summer, which is when it thrives.

Pet friendly: No. It’s poisonous to pets and humans if eaten.

Plant parent level: Beginner.


4) Giant bird of paradise

Courtesy: Reddit

Light: It enjoys bright, indirect light. Too much direct light can damage leaves and flowers.

Water: Keep soil moist. In colder months, let the soil dry out more before watering.

Pet friendly: No. This plant is toxic to felines and fido.

Plant parent level: Beginner.


5) Bamboo palm

Courtesy: Reddit

Light: This plant likes all lighting except direct sunlight.

Water: Keep soil moist, but be sure to have drainage for the plant. It doesn’t like too much water.

Pet friendly: Yes.

Plant parent level: Beginner.