5 of the Coolest Gadgets on Amazon!

Are gadgets taking over the world or are we taking over the gadgets? We’ll never know! While these gadgets can do without us, we surely cannot do without gadgets in our lives today. The advancement that the tech and gadget department is making today is Godspeed. But we don’t mind it because they do make life easier to live. Why wouldn’t they? Work becomes less complex, there’s plenty of time that’s saved, and you get to be a part of the modern world. 

What’s best? You don’t need to go anywhere to look for these gadgets. They’re easily available on our very favorite e-commerce website, Amazon. Did you know there are some cool gadgets you can buy from there too? We’ve got that covered for you in this post. 

1. Leap Motion Controller for Mac:- Let’s get one of the coolest gadgets available on Amazon India in the picture. Did you know, the Leap Motion Controller tracks the movement of your fingers and hands and interprets the data you’re about to enter. Best for writers and graphic designers, this one is a show-stealer! 

2. Portronics Portable E-Writer- Also catering to the writer community, or for those who don’t like wasting paper or refilling their stationaries, the Portronics Portable E-writer is a dream gadget for many! With an LCD screen that doesn’t compromise with visibility and a handwriting board that doesn’t let you lose the grip of writing this is one of the best-selling gadgets on Amazon India. 

3. Mission Enduracool Cooling Performance Hat- A hat that cools? You read that right! Don’t let the tropical temperature get the worst out of you. With this cooling performance hat, you’ll be relieved to know of its use. What do you do? The process is simple, soak, wring, and snap! 


4. Tap Strap Wearable Keyboard- You wear the keyboard? You do! Easily fixable on your fingers and connected with Bluetooth, this super cool gadget gets the work on your tips, literally! Also called gesture-based typing, one of the newest finds of technology, this piece of magic straps easily on your fingers and makes you a magician at work! 

5. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook- Imagine a book you can reuse without the mess while you still have all your data? Sounds impossible? Well, it’s not! The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook allows you to write all the information you need, download it on your phone/PC through the app (the handwritten notes take one back to school), and then MICROWAVE the book. All you need is a Pilot FriXion pen as only that will clear your work on this notebook.


The world is progressing at an alarming rate, and we just have to progress with it. These super cook gadgets exhibit just this and more. Why wouldn’t we want to live a “gadgeted” life when technology is giving us an opportunity to live the dream! Which of these cool budgets do you plan on buying first?