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5 Of Best Heartbreaking And Memorable TV Scenes

Rom-com, action, or even a thriller is incomplete without an emotional scene. Here are some of the mind-blowing emotional scenes that must have made you cry:

1) WandaVision, when Wanda couldn’t feel Vision anymore, and Elizabeth Olsen gave — dare I say — one of her best performances ever.

2)On Grey’s Anatomy, when Bailey realized that she couldn’t save Percy, which led to one of Chandra Wilson’s most memorable moments on the show to date.


3)On Private Practice, when Amelia sat through an intervention from her friends, and Caterina Scorsone was simply amazing in the scene.


4)On One Day at a Time, when Penelope left a message for herself while she was dealing with depression, and Justina Machado easily could’ve won an award for this moment.

5) On The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, when Bucky found out he wasn’t brainwashed anymore, and Sebastian Stan broke down in tears.