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5 Comfortable Pregnancy Sex Positions (Illustrations Inside)

Therefore, it’s OK that you might be unable to engage in sexual activity while serving as a missionary for a while. You can use many more sexual postures to achieve the post-orgasm glow.

Intimacy, closeness, and appreciation of the body are the main goals of sex. Additionally, there are alternatives if you’re concerned that penetration might harm the unborn child (it won’t)!

You might still be unsure how to position yourself to have the most abdominal comfort while conversing with your companion. We’ll guide you through it using pictures!

1. Sex from behind

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Sex educators frequently point to this position as a preferred choice for all types of partners. Being on all fours relieves pressure on the tummy and makes it easier for the pregnant spouse to be comfortable.

First and the first part of the second trimester. By the conclusion of the second trimester, your belly has gained roughly two extra pounds. You might wish to refrain from balancing on all fours during your last two months.

2. You on top

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Get on board! Science also backs up this claim; at least one Taiwanese study indicated that pregnant women who control penetration by being on top of their partner report higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

In the first and second trimesters of a trimester, the suitable areas of the vagina can be reached more quickly in this position. However, if you’re sensitive down there and want to avoid irritating the cervix or unintentional bleeding during the third trimester, you might want to avoid deep penetration.

3. Spooning sex

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Spooning is fantastic, declares Richmond. When both partners are lying down and facing away from one another, the partner grips and typically penetrates the pregnant partner from behind.

Trimester: Always beneficial, but second and third trimesters are ideal since this position can assist relieve pressure on the stomach.

4. Reverse cowgirl

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According to Richmond, reverse cowgirl is a suitable option throughout the first and second trimesters and involves you or the pregnant spouse atop the other. In this posture, make sure to continue stimulating the clitoral area.

Trimester: This position is excellent at any time, but you’ll especially enjoy it in the second and third trimesters when it can prevent your stomach from being squished or touched if you have sensitive skin.

5. Standing

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Under 20 weeks, if your partner is holding you at the waist, you can stand. The pregnant partner may lean in and rest her palms against a wall. But look for a firm base.

Try this out during your first and second trimesters of pregnancy, but as your belly swells, you might find it harder to maintain this posture. If it makes your partner happy, you might be able to work it into the conversation right before bed.


Courtesy: Healthline