4 Tips To Have Mind-Blowing Sex With Your Partner Tonight

No marital or love relationship is complete without the act of sex. From the time of human evolution, this is how species have interacted with each other. Sex is not a sin, though it gives you a tremendous amount of pleasure. It is a basic instinct, a basal need. One needs sex as much as they need food, clothes, and water to live. Why should you deprive yourselves of something so amazing that leaves you joyful and satisfied? Need I remind you how ecstatic sex feels? Or has it been that long in the bedroom that you have forgotten the feeling? In that case, here are a few tips for you to light the flame of passion and pleasure.

How To Have Amazing Sex?

1. Make sex a priority

If you guys have put sex on the back burner because of your job, kids, or other reasons, it is time you put things in perspective. Healthy sex life is crucial to a successful long-lasting relationship. No matter how busy a schedule you have, you should make time for deeds in the bedroom. Apart from sweet words and gestures, sex or physical touch is another way to convey your love and care for the other. You both need good doses of oxytocin.

2. Touch

Studies have found that couples who hold hands in public or make out often have more amazing sex life than those who don’t. Before you get to the main act, set the mood for it. Begin with simple touch because the last thing the other person wants is you coming on to them out of nowhere. Hold their hands, caress them, kiss them gently on the forehead before you move on to the lips, and then to the finale. 

3. Communicate

Communicate about what you want in bed. Share your sexual fantasies with each other. If you are interested in experimenting in the bedroom, let your spouse know. It can come as a surprise (and not a good one) if you do something without their consent or discuss it with them first. By talking to each other, you guys can find a common ground for the things both of you are interested in. Sex feels more amazing when you both are in sync, physically and emotionally. There are a few sexual questions to ask her to make things pleasurable for her, and for you. Ask her what turns her on or what works for her in the bedroom.

4. Dirty Talking

There is nothing sexier than talking dirty while doing it. If you want to know how to have amazing sex, that’s your key right there. It will turn your spouse on more than ever and you may enjoy it for longer. It does not always have to be dirty talk. Ask them if they feel comfortable with what you are doing. Be vocal about your feelings. You could say something simple like how you like their eyes or soft touch. Making them feel wanted and cherished instead of sex is just a physical act.

5. Spruce things in the bedroom

Lighting candles may sound cheesy but it does make sex special and amazing. It is basically creating a space where you both enjoy having sex. Clean, silk bed sheets for starters. You could experiment with lighting. Dim lights set the mood for sex. You could even put on some sensual music in the bedroom to get you in the groove.

Having said all that, there are no definite rules for having great sex. Just go with the flow. Treat the other person the way you would like to be treated. Ask them what you want if they don’t get the hints. There is no shame in that. Whatever you do, just enjoy the process. Enjoy being there, together with each other.




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