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4 skincare tricks for the smoothest legs ever!

Skincare peeves like dullness, fine lines, pigmentation can occur anywhere, and if you’re not paying attention to the rest of your body just as you are your face, you might be letting these issues go unchecked. If you’re looking for smoother, shinier limbs that look and feel healthy, here’s everything you can do.

Do not use chemical exfoliation on your skin
Whether it’s a hard loofah, harsh scrub, granular powders, salt, sugar, or brushes—if they are abrasive or harsh, they damage. This abrasive effect of chemicals and harsh scrubs causes micro tears in the skin’s protective barrier which causes collagen to break down, increases skin discolourations, impedes healing, can increase body acne and keratosis pilaris, and compounds environmental damage.
In order to avoid this and get genuine exfoliation, exfoliate with natural scrubs. Coffee and sugar are the best scrubs when it comes to leg skin care. They also increase hydration, as well as reinforce, strengthen, and soften skin.

Always moisturize your skin
It’s very important to not overdo scrubbing as it can damage the skin barrier. Always follow exfoliation with a generous amount of moisturiser to keep skin healthy and hydrated. Try to lock in the moisturizer by massaging your skin gently and when the skin is still damp, apply a little oil over it.

Dry brush daily
Introduce dry brushing into your daily routine. Dry brushing leads to better blood circulation and boosts lymphatic drainage. Brushing the skin regularly helps stimulate the normal lymph flow within the body and helps the body detoxify itself naturally. This technique should be used with caution in sensitive and dry skin types or in patients suffering from conditions such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis.

Shave safely
Waxing and laser hair treatments might leave your skin smoother in the long-run, but may not be convenient for all. If you are shaving, exfoliate the skin first so you can prevent in-growns. Using a high-quality razor is super important, as is using a shaving cream that’ll act as a barrier.