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3 Types Of Useful Bamboo Products

It’s often one of the first questions people ask when they are starting to learn about this amazing plant.
What can Bamboo do? Well, there are a lot of things that this plant does. Read on!

1)Bamboo Musical Instruments

Bamboo is used to make musical instruments, its natural hollow form makes bamboo an obvious choice for many traditional instruments such as a wide variety of flutes, but because of the excellent sound properties of solid bamboo panels, it is now also used for making modern guitars. Here are other instruments that can be made out of bamboo xylophones, rainsticks, marimbas, angklung, castanets, drum sticks, zithers, slit drums, chimes, maracas, guitars, ukuleles, violins, Chapman sticks, pan flutes, didgeridoos, pipe organs, saxophones, clarinets, kazoos, whistles, trumpets, and piccolos just to name a few.

2. Bamboo Fabrics and Textiles

In recent years different technologies have been developed that allow bamboo fiber to be used for a wide range of textile, fabrics, yarn, cloth, clothing, and fashion applications such as T-shirts, pants, underwear, socks, towels, bedsheets, pillow covers, blankets, mattresses, and even bulletproof vests.

3. Bamboo Pulp and Paper

In China, bamboo fiber has been used to make paper since early times, but in recent years, bamboo has emerged as an important raw material for the pulp and paper industry due to the shortage of wood resources. Bamboo Paper has a high tear index, similar to that of hardwood paper, and its brightness and optical properties remain stable, Bamboo can also be pulped with less power and chemicals than wood which makes it more environmentally friendly.