15 Photos Showing Kids’ Reactions to Stuff From the 1990s

Today, what seems like a regular thing to us would definitely look primitive, vintage to the upcoming generations. Similarly, the 1990s’ normal things look nothing less than mysterious objects from the past to today’s kids. And the kids’ puzzled reaction in such a scenario isn’t just interesting but also funny.

In this blog, we have brought you such priceless instances where kids did their best to grasp what their parents lived as kids.

Scroll, feel old, and let us know your opinion or share-worthy experiences in the comments!

1. “I asked my sister’s daughter what this is and she said it’s a microwave.”

Courtesy: MadyiraWeGutu / Twitter, unsplash.com

2. “Watchin’ a movie with Ollie and the girl is texting on a flip phone and he asks me, “How do you type on those phones?”

Courtesy: @LexyP88 / Twitter, unsplash.com

3. “I just found a phone from the ’90s with a hashtag! Twitter wasn’t even invented then, why did they need a hashtag back then?”

Photo: Quora

4. “My son just asked me what this is — he’s 11 years old …have times changed THAT much?!”

Courtesy: @Gil_630 / Twitter, vladkirk1000 / Reddit

5. “Y’all a 5-year-old little boy just asked me what this blue thing is… I told him it was a portable radio and he asked what a portable radio does… I don’t know how to feel, this is not okay.”

Courtesy: @twheat9 / Twitter, depositphotos.com

6. Some little kid just came up to me on the train & asked me what this is. My heart shatters for children everywhere.

Courtesy: @RoobMacchia / Twitter, unsplash.com

7. I was just watching “I Love Lucy” and my 5-year-old was like, “Mom, what’s wrong with the TV, all the color is missing.”

Courtesy:  @mamaspohr / Twitter, Dashrimp21 / Reddit

8. “I asked my 5-year-old if she wanted to tape a TV show. She looked confused, then went to a drawer and brought me a scotch tape. I’m obsolete.”

Courtesy: @StellaGMaddox / Twitter, shutterstock.com

9. My daughter just asked why we say “hang up” the phone and now I feel 90.

Courtesy: @EnglishJason / Twitter, unsplash.com

10. “I’m old enough to know what the link is between these 2.”

Courtesy: @GermanForBernie / Twitter

11. “My 9-year-old just asked me what this is? When did it come out? 1955? Is it for music? ~ I bought it the year before you were born.”

Courtesy:  @jodierandazzo / Twitter, Monotui / shutterstock.com

12. “So my kid is so excited about a book that was delivered to our driveway yesterday. “Mom,” he asked incredulously, “Is EVERYBODY’S name in there?” Yep, my 11-year old had never seen a phone book.”

Courtesy: @whec_DDewberry / Twitter, depositphotos.com

13. “In the back of an Uber the other day my 11-year-old asked me what this thing on the door is.”

Courtesy: @MarcSebens / Twitter, shutterstock.com

14. “I told an 18-year-old the other day that I used to get Netflix delivered to me in the mail and I’m pretty sure he thought I was lying.”

Courtesy:  @JonAcuff / Twitter, khrying / Reddit

15. In the “I’m getting old” department.., a kid saw this and said, “Oh, you 3D-printed the ’Save’ icon.”

Courtesy: @Bill_Gross / Twitter, JOHNRKO007 / Reddit