15 Movies About Complicated Relationships

Are relationships truly complicated? Or are people complicated? Or do we make things complicated? Are these questions getting too complicated? Okay, let’s break the pattern then. But let’s break the pattern not just with these questions but also with how we deal without relationships by making them least complicated as ever. No matter the situation, our endeavor should always be to make our relationships as easy-going as possible. 

But sometimes, just sometimes, we end up thinking about the complications that we DO NOT invite into our love lives. And when we want to seek comfort, some movies help us relate to our situation. Even though not all of these movies come with solutions, they do pass on a sense of comfort knowing that we’re one among the crowd and that others are braving this until things get better, then so can you! 

Here are 15 movies that depict complicated relationships. 

1. How to lose a guy in 10 days- Right on top of our list is How to lose a guy in 10 days, a movie that otherwise lists with other popular romcoms. Isn’t everything about this movie so relatable? Leaving the job part aside, sometimes, people don’t do, listen, and see what they should and when.

2. Crazy, Stupid, Love- Sometimes, you love someone so much that you even want to overlook their biggest flaws. Crazy, stupid, love is one such movie where even the complications and upgrades don’t come in the way of where the heart lies.

3. A Lot like Love- God knows how this happens, but when we say romantic comedies or complicated relationships, you cannot leave an Ashton Kutcher movie out of the list. A Lot like Love is all about love hidden in a profound friendship.

4. The Best of Me- The movie is quite different from the others on the list. Probably that is why it became a memorable one for many. High-school sweethearts fall in love, then grow apart, and then their fate brings them together at a funeral. Who’s? We’re not into spoilers!

5. The Holiday- Two women, wait, that’s not right. Two of the most beautiful women play characters who live in two different time zones. What’s common? Both are fed up with their love lives and are willing to exchange their houses so they could break from their routine. The Holiday season only makes the movie better!

6. The Vow- The vow is one of the best picturizations of complicated relationships. Imagine being madly in love with someone only until something so bad happens that everything changes without anyone’s fault. If this sounds messed up, wait till you watch this wonderful movie about love. 

7. 50 First Dates- Can someone really love so much that they’re willing to remind their better halves of their love every single day? Probably! And this movie is a beautiful visualization of just how complications fall weak before unconditional love. 

8. The Time Traveler’s Life- The title itself says a lot, doesn’t it? Unique and one of a kind, a rare condition, and always in a different time, make things difficult for this lovely couple. 


9. Love me if you Dare- Not all games that begin in childhood end up for the better as grown-ups. The characters in this movie are pretty twisted, and their games ultimately lead them into the darkness we call HEARTBREAK in the relationship world. 

10. Closer- If there’s one movie that can explain the concept of complicated relations like no other, it’s this one! Love, affairs, confusion, couples- you name it, they got it.

11. Friends with Benefits- Why wouldn’t this movie be on our list? Such a thing doesn’t exist for an emotional lot of people. Even those who think they’re okay with it might not always be okay with it.

12. The Notebook- Misunderstandings are the worst types of complications. The Notebook is a movie that represents just how misunderstandings can kill the greatest of romances.

13. Going the Distance- What better than long-distance relationships to depict complicated relationships? The movie takes us through a journey of two individuals who want to make it work, but distance comes n their way. They fight the worst. But do they make it to the end or end the relationship entirely to save one another from the emotional turmoil.

14. The Proposal- Undoubtedly, The Proposal is one of the most beautiful movies we’ve seen. But that doesn’t save the story from the complications of a relationship. A must-watch, indeed.

15. My Best Friend’s Wedding- Julia Roberts makes this movie about complicated relationships, including those of friendships that seem like reality. But why would her best friend’s wedding bother her?

We’ll leave you to decide which one of these you want to watch first. Only, when you do sit o watch them, ensure you watch it with the ideology of believing more in love than its complications.