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12 Smart Life Hacks to Travel Safely 

Traveling is easy when you have everything planned. But one practically cannot plan everything they need. Things just happen, and we need to stay prepared for those times. Instead of giving in to the situation or getting frustrated on your time away from routine, it’s best to stay updated with some hacks that could make life easier for your travel route. 

These hacks are sure to stick by you during such unpredicted travel moments. Thank us later! 

1. Always keep maps and local transport route brochures with you. You never know what happens and when. You could separate from your group or you could reach the wrong way. Either way, these brochures will help you find your way back. 

2. Keep your important documents on email. If you lose your wallet, then you’ll always have a way to prove your identity should you need to complain to the local authorities. You can access your email from anywhere and keep things moving. 

3. Place the “Do not disturb” sign on your hotel room’s door so you can misguide the thieves. To make the hack more dramatic, you could also leave the radio on, and it’s like you never left! 

4. Secure your door’s handle with an empty glass. Sometimes, the security and maintenance in a hotel could be lower than you expect. Placing a glass on the door’s handle from the inside will alert you if anyone tries to enter. 

5. Use only secure internet connections. If you do have to use a public network, ensure you don’t log in to any of your personal accounts. That’s danger calling! 

6. Expensive items on you? Bad choice! Leave them home and travel as minimum and light as you can. You don’t want to catch the attention of the local thieves who can tell you’re a tourist and an easy catch. 

7. Carry dummy wallets with you and fill them up with fake cash. In case someone troubles you en route or anywhere where you’re taking a walk, you can offer this to the pickpocketers, and walk away. Make sure you act real! They don’t wait long to check what’s in it. 

8. Download the offline maps for times when you enter areas with no network. It’s better than getting lost in an unknown land. 

9. Learn important words in the local language. Things like asking for water, stating your food restrictions, finding directions, asking for help, there are some simple words/phrases you should know in the local language so you can make communication simpler. 

10. Is there a safe in your hotel’s room? Don’t use it! When you’re out sightseeing, housekeeping, who have access to all duplicate keys could rob you of your things, and that’s just what you don’t want on a holiday. 

11. Check doors, locks, and windows before you call it a night. You never know if things are properly locked or if housekeeping or anyone else tampered with anything in your room. Safety is a priority! 

12. Several times we skip taking our ATM receipts with us knowing it’s going to go in the trash anyway. But when traveling, keep them with you. They’re perfect proofs to track your transactions in case of any kind of robbery, and also to keep a check on your expenses when you make it back to your hotel at the end of the day. 


These travel hacks are life-saving. You may think that some of them are unnecessary, but that depends on your travel destination and the level of safety in that area. Nonetheless, there’s no harm in staying prepared, is there?