12 Photographers reveal what’s behind the scenes!

photography behind the scenes

Photography is the kind of art that requires knowing all the tips and tricks needed to charm the eye. Over time, photographers around the world have found ways to take their creativity up a notch. While nature photography is on another level, sometimes, photographers even create a scenario so they can get a perfect shot. We end up wondering how it is that these people got such perfect pictures. If not for these 12 photographers who revealed the behind the scenes of their photoshoots, we’d never know the art and the logic that goes behind such fantabulous clicks. Would you have been able to catch the behind the scenes if you didn’t know these tricks? Take a look!

1. This close-up of a fox is a really exciting one. Wonder if this was planned or if the wolf wanted to willingly model for the photographer.

Fox Close Up
Courtesy: Dan Dinu

2. Bet you’ve never looked at MnM’s this way before.

M&m’s In Water Drops
Courtesy: Northwest Dad

3. Now who would have thought that a photographer has to take clicks from anywhere at all. Like this one that comes from underneath the lady’s

Wedding Photography
Courtesy: Borepanda

4. All one needs to get is the right angle, and even the most crowded places could look like paradise.

That's How It Looks Like In Real Life
Courtesy: Murad Osman

5. You might think and want to believe that this person in the picture is climbing a rock, but is he really? Watch the reveal!

Rock Climber
Courtesy: Corey Rich

6. A baby hanging out of nowhere or a baby hanging now here? Tough to tell!

Baby Photography
Courtesy: Kelley Ryden

7. Oh man! Now this feels like a scam from thinking it’s a beautiful rainy day with an umbrella to … just an umbrella, maybe?


Courtesy: Borepanda

8. The effort that went behind capturing these humming birds living with love.

Capturing The Hummingbirds With 3D Camera

9. Hands down, this is one of the best pictures of roses captured!

Splashing Roses Photography
Courtesy: Alex Koloskov

10. Everything that went behind this beautiful picture is flour… lots of it!

Flour Photoshoot
Courtesy: Hola Media,Horatiu Curutiu

11. If this photographer hadn’t told us, there’s no way we’d know that these are miniature cards.

Miniature Car Models Create Realistic Historical Photos
Courtesy: Michael Paul Smith

12. This was is a shocker- to get the pictures of burning lava, that’s a risky one, isn’t it?

Burning Lava
Courtesy: Kawika Singson